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Ben Lukas Boysen shares new single Clarion

1.4  2020


Ben Lukas Boysen shares a second single, the atmospheric yet hyper-dynamic Clarion, taken from his much anticipated new album Mirage out May 1. Opening with subtle piano and the delicate strings of cellist Anne Müller, it suddenly morphs into a colossal ensemble piece with heavy drums and electronics. 

"This song started as a simple piano line and while listening to it on loop over and over again some of the elements started to form one after the other, and depending on each other. I was working on a different song at the same time that had the drum section as a central instrument, and felt it was not going anywhere... In one of the sessions with Robert Raths (creative producer and founder of Erased Tapes) he suggested fusing the two songs together, which resulted in this faun-like version of Clarion after a few adjustments were made. It captured the foreshadowing character of the one piece, with the drive and rush-like feeling of the other piece, and therefore creating a very interesting tension" — Ben Lukas Boysen

The third album recorded under his own name, Mirage is Ben Lukas Boysen's most progressive and shape-shifting album to date. It follows 2013’s Gravity and the acclaimed 2016 full length Spells, a record as much admired by his peers as it was loved by fans that not only yielded remixes from Max Cooper and Tim Hecker, but also opened Jon Hopkins’ Late Night Tales compilation. Since then, Ben has been in demand for writing scores including his collaboration with cellist and composer Sebastian Plano, on the soundtrack for David OReilly’s landmark innovative video game Everything the first video game ever to qualify for an Academy Award.

"With Spells and Gravity I was trying to hide the machines. On Mirage, I’m trying to hide the human” 

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