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Sound Gallery

Sorry, we are closed.

On February 5th 2017 we opened the doors to the Erased Tapes Sound Gallery — a communal space for people to experience sound in a different way. May it be on our omnidirectional speakers, different instruments, in workshops or sound installations.

”May our new space provide a haven, reflecting these values we share and allowing people to find a moment to slow down in this fast-paced world we live in” — Robert Raths, Erased Tapes founder

”I pootled around in slippers, heard spoken word, had a killer espresso, read some poetry. Highly recommended for a lazy afternoon” — Kate Hutchinson, The Guardian writer

Please check our social media channels for independent label markets and other events.

Instagram @erasedtapesrecords
Twitter @erasedtapes
Facebook @erasedtapes

You're welcome to slow down.

We will sit and listen together.

Erased Tapes is ten.

Please ask to play our piano.


Sign paintings by Peter Liversidge
Photographs by Alex Kozobolis