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Una Corda

Commissioned by and in cooperation with pianist Nils Frahm, David Klavins built the Una Corda piano. Based on its special design, this instrument offers distinctly clear, warm sound characteristics. Unique features of the Klavins UC include:

— one string per note

— open design, no cabinet

— covers frequencies of 55 to 2217.5 Hz

— 2-layer soundboard of selected, solid mountain spruce, rib-less

— tone modulator (various material strips)

— stainless steel frame

The Una Corda Piano is built without any chemicals or materials that endanger the environment.


Keyboard range of 64 keys (a1 to c4)

width: 133 cm

weight: 117 cm (incl. wheels)

depth: 67 cm

weight: approx. 100 kg


Keyboard range of 88 keys (a2 to c5)

width: 176 cm

height: 131 cm (incl. wheels)

depth: 71cm

weight: approx. 160 kg