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Allred & Broderick

Find The Ways

Living On A Wire 02:35
The Wise One 06:07
Two Otters 02:49
Hey Stranger 05:19
Four Aspens 02:16
The Ways 03:08
Hesitation 02:56
I'm Not Crazy 03:19
Ode To Angelica 02:11
Robert, Please 04:10
David Allred Four Aspens (Piano Version) [Bonus Track] 02:21
Peter Broderick Hesitation (Berlin Version) [Bonus Track] 03:13
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Peter Broderick returns with Allred & Broderick — a duo project between him and his musical partner David Allred — and their debut album Find The Ways.

Armed with nothing but their voices, a violin and an upright bass, Allred & Broderick began their journey to create an album as minimal as possible. Recorded in Peter’s studio The Sparkle on the Oregon coast, the pair used this solitude to focus on creating something as raw and honest as possible, particularly in what some might deem unattainable during a time where complexity is sought most.

In a world full of noise and the anxieties of every day life, Find The Ways brings us together and reminds us to appreciate and confront the simple and fundamental facts of life, and that we as individuals will eventually find our way.

Words from Peter and David, January 2017:

I sensed a truly unique character in David’s own music that is wonderfully heartfelt and sincere. With this recording David and I set out to make something raw which is an honest document of what we are capable of doing together at once, with just two acoustic instruments and our voices. The entire album was recorded live, with no overdubs and no edits. Just two guys playing together in a room. I have always dreamed of doing a project in which I only use my violin and my voice, and to do this alongside David’s upright bass and voice feels like the perfect fit. It is a truly 50/50 collaboration. — Peter Broderick

“It is such a pleasure to work with Peter. I feel that we're on the same page in more ways than one, both musically and non-musically. The making of this album was an incredibly fun challenge; writing music to be performed and recorded live with only violin, upright bass, and voices. It still amazes me that we managed to make a whole record with only those three elements. Over the years, I have felt a very strong connection to Peter's music and friendship, and I feel that this collaboration comes from a really good place. I hope this music gives the listeners a feeling of comfort, confusion and understanding.”
— David Allred

“Hey Stranger is about an old friend that I will refer to as J, who disappeared about 5 years ago. J was a close friend throughout most of my life but was also one of the most perplexing individuals I've ever known. He had a very off-beat relationship with his family and most friends due to his intense personality which inevitably deteriorated his relationship with almost everyone he crossed paths with. J would also occasionally get into trouble with the law and was very often misunderstood. He has no online presence or any clear existing indication that he's still out there in the world which is the most unsettling feeling for me, but for some reason over the past year I have been getting the idea that J will pop up on the street at any moment when I least expect it and I can't quite articulate why I feel this might happen all the sudden or what I would say if that was ever the case. Despite my last few interactions with J being quite challenging and dramatic, I still often appreciate his overall influence on me. He was a very unique character in my life and incredibly intelligent beyond his years, and heavily influential on who I am today. Of all the people that have come and gone in my life, the memories I have of J somehow stuck with me more than most of the other people that I'm no longer in touch with even if my relationship with them was more stable. J's lasting yet perplexing impact on me has recently been growing more prevalent in my life even though I mostly felt the complete opposite when he was actually a part of my life. I felt a strong prompting to write this song in an attempt to make peace with this unresolved situation.“

Artist and long time collaborator of Erased Tapes, Peter Liversidge was commissioned to paint the cover art as per his Sign Painting project. Liversidge also painted the fragmented lyric signs featured in the official music video for The Ways, directed by label founder Robert Raths.


Tintype photography by Brandon Fernandez
Sign Paintings by Peter Liversidge
Video directed by Robert Raths