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Qasim Naqvi reveals eerie music video for Turtle on Fire

3.5  2022


Turtle on Fire is a music video collaboration between Pakistani-American composer and Dawn of Midi drummer Qasim Naqvi, filmmaker Lukas Huffman and multi-sensory conceptual artist Erika Senft Miller.

The visuals for this project started as a creative response to the alien feeling that Erika and Lukas were having as the world attempted to 'return to normal' from the COVID-19 pandemic.

They found themselves experiencing familiar places and situations as if outsiders learning how to navigate dangerous, new environments. Inspired by Qasim Naqvi's track Turtle on Fire, they sought a poetic way to explore an unsettling human sensation; feeling like an alien in our own broken world.

"Despite the nauseating state of things at home and abroad… there is art. Turtle on Fire started as a creative response from Erika Senft Miller and I to the increasing feeling of being an alien in one’s own world. Something that seems to ebb and flow over history. Riffing on science fiction tropes, we wanted to build a world where familiar faces and places have become foreign. This started as a film project and spawned a music video and immersive screening event," comments director Lukas Huffman.

Turtle on Fire is taken from Naqvi’s latest release Chronology, out now. Made entirely on a broken Minimoog synthesizer, the music almost behaves like an eerie syntax or language spoken between these alien forms.

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