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Piano Day 2024 with Ben Lukas Boysen, Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos, Shards and Roedelius & Story

28.3  2024


It's the 88th day of the year again... dedicated to our 88-key friend, the Piano. Today we celebrate Piano Day 2024 with new music from Ben Lukas Boysen, Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos, Shards and Roedelius & Story.

The original score by Ben Lukas Boysen and Jon Hopkins for writer-director Aylin Tezel’s debut feature Falling Into Place is released in full today, on Piano Day.

"I love nothing more than working with friends. It's when I feel luckiest in my job. Aylin's film is a joy, and it was an honour to write this music.” — Jon Hopkins

The score features pianist Lisa Morgenstern and cellist Anne Müller.

Kiasmos have returned with new EP Flown, from which we'd like to highlight the EP's intimate piano-led closing piece.

"Dazed holds a special place in my heart. It was created on a slow dewy morning in Bali while we were writing new songs. To our surprise, we had the framework of the song ready in just a few hours. Óli had the piano idea on his voice notes, which we recorded on an old charming upright piano." — Janus Rasmussen

Whilst Shards share Kyrie, a piano track from their upcoming album Byrd Song, out April 19.

"Some of the most beautiful moments in Byrd’s music are often the most understated; when ornate complexity gives way to the beauty of simplicity. Kyrie is a short piano rendition of the opening of Byrd’s Mass for 3 voices. It was recorded in the church where my studio is, in such a way that you can hear both the piano up close and the vast neo-gothic space behind it." — Kieran Brunt

Roedelius & Story created a new piece entitled Graffiti Octaves for this year's Piano Day, as part of a special edition release of their 2021 album 4 Hands.

"All piano, it was created a bit like audio graffiti, as ugly as that might sound. Achim played a lovely little slow-motion octave 'riff', and every day for a week I made one recording pass... Like the whispering of 7 winds, the little gestures and phrases build up in combination with each other and fall away.” — Tim Story

Hans-Joachim Roedelius has recently announced his return to London for a one-off show at the iconic Jazz Cafe with Arnold Kasar, Richard Norris of The Grid and Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas on Monday, April 8.

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