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Qasim Naqvi shares video for Matic

2.11  2020


Following the release of Beta, his new album last June, Qasim Naqvi shares the video for Matic.

Made by Chris Waters, consists in an animated deconstruction of a painting by Meg Franklin.

“Chris and I recently met through a collaborative film project with the Alexander Whitley Dance Company. He and his team were creating these highly advanced computational designs and I was really awe-struck by their visuals. I stumbled onto his Melting Masters series, where by using special software he was able to dissolve and transmute the imagery of paintings. Something clicked and I thought it would be amazing to have him try this technique on some of Meg Franklin’s work. She’s a brilliant painter who provided the art for both of my albums, Teenages and Beta. Having her paintings come alive in this way felt like the perfect fit.”Qasim Naqvi

“To me the track inherently feels cumulative, or at least iterative in the way it builds, ebbs and flows. This linked perfectly to a digital technique I’d been exploring for ‘dissolving’ or ‘melting’ imagery by utilising highly detailed fluid simulations. The track provides a steady, almost metronomic, backdrop against which the simulation can unfold; the resulting visual mirroring the persistently transient audio while also reflecting a sense of emerging detail and subtlety.
Qasim introduced me to Meg’s wonderfully unique work, which seemed almost too good to be true as the visual input for the simulation. Many of her pieces suit themselves to this particular method of ‘digital distortion’, because of her vibrant mix of colours and distinct suggestions of texture. Making a painting come to life is a lot easier if it already feels alive." — Chris Waters

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