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Lubomyr Melnyk reveals first sheet music book Continuous Music Selected Works

31.8  2019


We are excited to present Continuous Music Selected Works — the first ever printed collection of scores from prolific pianist and Continuous Music pioneer Lubomyr Melnyk, making his unique technique available to piano lovers all around the world on September 27.

"Continuous Music is a phenomenon that has changed the face of the piano… Because, with the birth of Continuous Music, there was born a new physical technique of playing — and a new and higher level of the mind … To play this new music required new fingers, new hands, a new body and a new mind! Both the music and the ability to play it came together — neither one could exist without the other — and they were joined as one entity, born together as twins."

Lubomyr’s mission with this sheet music book is for musicians and piano enthusiasts to gain a greater love and understanding of the instrument, while being inspired to delve further into the world of Continuous Music. This first volume contains selections from each of his releases on Erased Tapes, including Corollaries (2013), Evertina (2014), Rivers and Streams (2015) and a very special handwritten score of Pockets of Light, serving as an entry point to his technique. Continuous Music Selected Works also contains a previously unreleased score, The Moving Window, plus detailed notes from the composer himself. Every copy comes with audio recordings of all six pieces including a new version of Butterfly, specially recorded for the reader.

Although his scores might look daunting at first — some pages are reminiscent of the avant-garde notation of composers like John Cage, Cornelius Cardew or George Crumb — these pieces offer the pianist a great degree of freedom to formulate their own personal vision of the moment they are playing. A particular kind of improvisation is a key part of performing this music and a technique that Lubomyr uses himself. Melnyk’s scores therefore are a unique combination of traditional notation, text and the occasional use of slightly more avant-garde symbology. Importantly, the written scores of Lubomyr are a fascinating insight into his mind, character and personality.

"Do not be dismayed by any difficulties you might face in learning these pieces! It is more important that you use these notations to help you generate a living piece of music, rather than playing every note on the page… As the (in)famous pirate Jack Sparrow once said: They are more a 'guideline' … than a Book of Rules"
— Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr begins his European Tour at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg next month, followed by a UK tour in October. Fellow Erased Tapes artists David Allred and Shards will join him for a very special show at London's Round Chapel on October 3.

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