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Various Artists

Music for Brainwaves

Michael Price Focus in 12-18Hz 20:48
Högni Ascend in 8-13.9Hz 18:45
Ben Lukas Boysen Dream in 0.1-3.9Hz 16:54
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Erased Tapes is proud to present Music for Brainwaves — an innovative collaboration with citizenM featuring exclusive music by Michael Price, Högni and Ben Lukas Boysen.


“Music is more powerful than ‘white noise’ and ‘whale sounds’ in influencing our emotions and behaviours, but there is a lack of well-engineered and scientifically informed compositions to take full advantage of these effects. Scientists have attempted to develop AI platforms, designed to churn out adaptive music for this purpose, but the result is aesthetically underwhelming. citizenM believes that by combining the latest research in neuroscience with the best creative talent, it will create more than just another ineffective sound compilation, but rather a tool that really helps with sleep, anxiety, and concentration.”


As the first instalment of citizenM's Guide to Business Travel, the international hotelier teamed up with Erased Tapes to create a unique sonic experience for travellers that will maximise concentration, minimise anxiety and help with sleep.

Music for Brainwaves is a project of art and science in equal parts, a collection of three specially written musical pieces as the result of in-depth detailed research conducted by a team of music scientists from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Using existing theory, extensive research and data, the team has identified key frequencies and oscillations that guide the brain into certain receptive states. It is the first time that research of this kind has been created for public usage, with extensive scientific testing and proven results.

Based on this knowledge, Erased Tapes commissioned three of their composers — Michael Price, Högni and Ben Lukas Boysen — to work closely with the scientists in producing three scientifically informed pieces of music. Consequently titled Focus in 12-18Hz, Ascend in 8-13.9Hz and Dream in 0.1-3.9Hz, each track utilises relevant tones, frequencies and rhythms to affect the brain in a beneficial way.


“While long-haul travel to distant countries and continents can be exciting, one of the biggest challenges is fighting the neverending distractions calling from all sides, which are especially vexing while sleeping, flying, or trying to focus. The modern traveller doesn’t have a single moment of peace while in motion, and no rest in bed when trying to relax. A busy mind affects sleep as powerfully as jet lag, which wrecks the internal clock, leading to confusion and sleeplessness. For many, travel itself can be a source of anxiety and stress, especially in anticipation of flying. So for those who are tired of feeling drained when they travel, Music for Brainwaves is a solution that will maximise concentration, help with sleep, and minimise anxiety – perfect for travellers who want to stay alert, feel refreshed, and be ready to face anything.”



Design by Torsten Posselt at FELD