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Michael Price

A Stillness

A Distance 03:17
A Bridge 03:10
A Reaching 02:40
A Tenderness 02:43
10“ Vinyl
includes sheet music book
plus WAV / MP3 download
£12.00 In basket
lossless download
£4.00 In basket
lossy 320kbps download
£3.00 In basket

Recorded at Phoenix Sound inside the world-famous Pinewood Studios – home of the British film industry and a location chosen by Michael Price as 'a haven for me in a noisy world' – December 17th 2012 marked his debut release on Erased Tapes in the form of A Stillness; a four-track limited edition vinyl including music sheets and downloads.

Renowned for his work as film composer, producer and award-winning music editor, this small collection of songs shows a more personal side of Price, a chance for him to create music without any scripts and guidelines.


'I'm trying to create a small Stillness in a noisy, hyper-connected world. I wanted to make something personal and real, with musicians that I've known for a long time. Usually we've all got headphones on, chasing click tracks and fitting our performances to picture. It was time to get the headphones off, stop all the clocks and ticking, really connect musically and try to capture a moment. To be able to make something intimate and authentic in an often noisy world is a real pleasure.

When I heard what we had, there was only one collection of musicians and artists that felt a natural fit, and that was Erased Tapes. I'd always admired Robert's artistic vision, and the way that he created a nurturing, collaborative environment around the artists he worked with. It's a privilege to be even a small part of that.' – MICHAEL PRICE