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Rival Consoles unveils new single I Like

2.11  2021


Rival Consoles reveals the latest single from his upcoming album Overflow, out December 3.

I Like features the mapping of data from dancer Tia Hockey’s personal monologue, which controls the volume of the chords based on the activity of her voice — drawing attention to things happening behind the curtain, invisible systems, algorithms.

“With this piece, the dancers were recording lots of personal monologues about how they felt when using social media. Alex the choreographer suggested exploring the words ‘I like’ as it’s so abundant a term and action online. With a simple momentary recording of this I began crafting a piece, in which melancholic chords would gently be triggered by Tia’s voice, as well as manipulating the words ‘I like.. and they were like..’ with a very chaotic system. I wanted to create a mood that was a weird combination of contentedness, sadness and strangeness.“ — Ryan Lee West

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