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Qasim Naqvi's analogue synthesiser exploration Chronology is out now

30.7  2021


The six track sonic voyage by the Pakistani-American composer and drummer of the cult trio Dawn of Midi is finally available in physical form.

Originally released digitally in 2016, Chronology is Qasim's first release of electronic music. Having been in the world of improvised and classical music up to this point, it seemed only fitting for Naqvi’s inaugural electronic music album to be made exclusively on a malfunctioning synthesizer — an old Moog Model D, leaving the abundant options of a computer behind.

"Before I thank all of the humans who helped make this album happen, I’d most urgently like to thank the sole voice of this album - an old and broken Minimoog that breathed its lasts breathes for me and passed on its final wisdom. This machine was so broken and temperamental but it told me its story and then it vanished into the force like Yoda. As my first album of electronic music, it couldn’t have happened any other way."

· order the LP on limited edition clear vinyl
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“Masterful... A slowly evolving album of unusual beauty and intimacy, Chronology is Qasim Naqvi’s finest electronic work to date” 8/10 — Future Music

"Quite a spectacular last gasp" Elizabeth Alker, BBC Radio 3

"Beautiful and peaceful"Tim Shiel, ABC Triple J


“Taken individually, the six pieces on Chronology dispense small-scale hits of gorgeousness. In tandem, the tracks cohere to form a compelling suite of pieces that can subtly undermine expectations for ambient-influenced composition”
— Pitchfork