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Penguin Cafe releases Handfuls of Night (Explored)

2.10  2020


Today marks the release of Penguin Cafe’s Handfuls of Night (Explored) — a Special Edition of their acclaimed 2019 album featuring a Track-by-Track Audio Commentary by Arthur Jeffes, plus a Bonus Track titled More Milk.

For the occasion, we commissioned a Behind The Scenes documentary short film, showing how intertwined the Making Of this album was with Arthur’s multiple Greenpeace collaborations. Enjoy!

“Since last year when we released this album, a lot has changed. We've moved in to a very different way of working and listening to the album now feels strange - a small window into a different, slightly more benign world. At the same time, it feels good to look back and remember how it felt to write, record and play these pieces. An album takes place over a period of maybe 18 months and becomes a snapshot of our lives during that period, so there's a nostalgia at work which feels quite bitter-sweet - but the idea holds true I think, at least for me, that given the right space and opportunity creativity will find an outlet. We toured with the new tracks at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 - and playing the pieces necessarily changed how we hear them - but listening back now to the record is a kind of lovely reminder that despite such a strange year there is a lot that's still the same - just there under the surface waiting to be re-claimed.“ — Arthur Jeffes

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