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Hatis Noit performs Angelus Novus for La Blogothèque's Take Away Shows

7.5  2020


Erased Tapes and La Blogothèque present one of the last Take Away Shows to be filmed before lockdown, with a mesmerising performance from Japanese vocal artist Hatis Noit shot by the fabled Vincent Moon on location at the Mausoleum of Graz during this year’s Elevate Festival in Austria.

The film is a symbol of the pure freedom attained by creativity and improvisation, with both performer and director moving in harmony, collaborating with and responding to their unique surroundings. What the pair captured in a stand-alone outtake from all the footage they shot to accompany Hatis Noit’s live performance at Elevate is a magic moment in time, too special not to share it more widely.

Vincent Moon became a fan of Hatis Noit’s music following the release of her debut EP with Erased Tapes, Illogical Dance; “It became very big in my summer of 2018. I remember crossing the Faroe Islands’ incredible landscapes and playing it in the car full on to my local friends - pretty surreal ride.

I then met her a few times, always around music - she collaborated with close friends of mine from NYX in London, we played at the same festival in Utrecht and met again briefly. It was when I started talking with the organisers at Elevate, the Graz-based music festival, that I came up with the idea of making what we call a "site-specific collaboration" for their festival - a unique live music+cinema creation, with one of the artists from their line-up. It seemed obvious to me that a collaboration with Hatis Noit would be the perfect match - her going around Graz over one day, me following her with the camera and mics, improvising and experimenting in various situations.

It happened exactly like that - I landed in Graz and the next morning we were discussing brief ideas at breakfast, took the road, went to a few different locations to create footage which would then be used two days later on stage.

From all those recordings, which were mostly only created for the performance at the festival, the ‘Angelus Novus’ song she performed in the Mausoleum of Graz (which would be, two days later, the location of our performance) was so stunning that we felt it would make a great short film. And there you have it in front of your eyes and ears, enjoy!” — Vincent Moon

“The time I spent in Graz with Mathieu (Vincent Moon) brought many beautiful, therapeutic and magical moments. I am so grateful to him and the local people who supported and embraced us. Everyone encouraged us to be open and free to explore the chemistry between us and these beautiful locations in town, having total freedom to improvise and respond to our surroundings.

I especially cherish those moments when I felt my body move as if on automation, reacting to Mathieu’s camera and the majestic energy in the Mausoleum. Like dancing close to tears, when this elderly man entered the shoot with such lovely, curious but shy eyes, like a little boy. Mathieu’s intuition captured all of those magical moments and made them feel even purer and stronger.” — Hatis Noit

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