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Black vinyl edition of 1+1=X out today

17.8  2018


Today our tenth anniversary recording 1+1=X is released on 3LP black vinyl, having previously only been available as a limited edition box set on clear vinyl for Record Store Day. Watch David Allred perform his piece Ahoy featuring Hatis Noit at Vox-Ton studio in Berlin.

"We live in a time where self-obsession is no longer a choice, but a cultural norm, and it is this obsession that divides us exponentially with time as we move forward with the progression of technology. However, it provides us with numerous opportunities to become connected in ways that would never happen otherwise which is beautiful, but often overlooked. The internet age is still in its infancy, and I dream of a day where our adaption to these changes coexist more with our need to build stronger community and relationships in the tangible world," David says about Ahoy.

"1+1=X is a beautiful representation of how truly distinct and unique the Erased Tapes label is. The record is full of unprecedented collaborations between artists across the label with diverse backgrounds in music which blossomed into an abundant garden of rich sounds that were new and unforeseen, and the end result is an impressively cohesive family sound. I came into the session with my song without any planned musical arrangement, and I loved seeing how the piece took shape with Robert and Hatis Noit contributing their brilliant ideas. The musical arrangement in this particular piece is quite minimal, but very impactful. I'm infinitely grateful to be a part of this record and family."

1+1=X is a set of exclusive music from every artist on the label, featuring never before heard tracks from Nils Frahm, Kiasmos, Peter Broderick, A Winged Victory For The Sullen and many more. Produced by label curator Robert Raths, it sees Erased Tapes artists come together to make an album as a collective, sharing the same space, instruments and each others’ capabilities during a residency at Vox-Ton studio in Berlin.

· order 1+1=X on 3LP/2CD/DL
· watch Ahoy by David Allred
· watch Brutal Moderna by Qasim Naqvi
· watch Bel Tono by Anne Müller
· watch Darling by Douglas Dare
· watch Up Is Good by Nils Frahm & Arthur Jeffes
· watch Zebra by Kiasmos & Högni
· watch The Perpetual Glow by Peter Broderick