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Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit to release debut EP 'Illogical Dance' on Erased Tapes

7.2  2018


Japanese vocal performer and latest signing Hatis Noit has announced her enigmatic debut EP for Erased Tapes, Illogical Dance, released on March 23rd 2018. The arresting 4-track record creates unique song-worlds with transcendent vocal interpretations that at once deconstruct and recombine Western Classical, Japanese folk and nature’s own ambience atmosphere. Illogical Dance also features Björk-collaborators Matmos, who were so impressed with Hatis Noit’s recordings, they volunteered to edit the lead track Illogical Lullaby.

Hailing from the distant Shiretoko, a small town in Hokkaido, Hatos Noit creates music that brings to mind the experimental vocal patterns of Meredith Monk with the attentive production of Holly Herndon. Having recently moved to London and performed a first string of UK shows, followed by a special live performance at the Milan Fashion Week, Peter Broderick has invited Hatis Noit to support him at the Jazz Cafe on April 15th. She’s also been announced as part of this year’s Sea Change Festival line-up, and asked to participate in a workshop with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

“The human voice is our oldest, most primal yet most powerful instrument. I use it to describe nature’s many sounds, a language that isn’t logical. Yet it forms a beautiful conversation that isn’t restricted to words like the human language is. I want my music to remind us of that.” — Hatis Noit

Previously only available in Japan, Illogical Dance will receive a worldwide release on 23rd March 2018 including a first edition on 12” vinyl.

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