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Peter Broderick

Piano Works Vol.1

The first publication of piano pieces by Erased Tapes composer and musician Peter Broderick features 20 works and an exclusive album of recordings plus unique notes from the composer.

In this, his first volume of sheet music, Peter Broderick collects 20 works for solo piano alongside exclusive new recordings. Taken from his piano-led records such as Docile, Float, How They Are, Partners and Grunewald, some are original solo works while others have been stripped back and arranged for solo piano for the first time. The collection also includes the composer’s performance and repertoire notes.

Sheet Music Book

includes exclusive recordings of all
20 pieces 
in a beautiful 2 colour
printed book made with natural textures.

shipping in 2 weeks

£20.00 In basket

Transcribed Songs:

1. Dearest
2. Query
3. Ceasefire
4. Laden
5. Moment
6. Diverge
7. A Snowflake
8. Three Floats
9. Pulling The Rain
10. When I’m Gone
11. Carried
12. Conspiraling
13. Up Niek Mountain
14. Under The Bridge
15. It’s A Storm When I Sleep
16. Eyes Closed And Traveling
17. Low Light
18. Planes (Solo)
19. Bernard & Elba’s Waltz
20. Sonata For The Sirius

“Ever since I started releasing records of piano music back in 2007, it seems that every few months I get an email from a stranger, asking me if I have sheet music for my piano songs. Sometimes people even write to me assuming that the sheet music already exists, asking in regards to a particular song, “Where can I find the sheet music?” My response to all these requests has been always been the same . . . “Unfortunately the music is only written in my head and in my fingers, but I do hope that maybe one day I’ll be able to write some of it out and publish a book of sheet music.” And finally, ten years later, that day is here! I am very proud to announce that Piano Works Vol. 1, my first book of piano sheet music, will be available in mid-June. Thanks to my dear friends at Erased Tapes and Music Sales for helping this come to fruition.”  – Peter Broderick