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Armand Hammer and Preservation collaborate for rework of Hatis Noit's Jomon

21.2  2024


Following contributions from L.A.-based avant-garde composer William Basinski and legendary London producer Matthew Herbert, Hatis Noit’s Aura Reworks series continues with a re-interpretation of Jomon by producer Preservation (Mos Def, RZA, MF Doom) and cult NY rap duo Armand Hammer (billy woods & E L U C I D). 

“Robert Raths reached out to me to show love for my work on billy woods’ album Aethiopes. I had been listening to a lot of music on Erased Tapes while living in Hong Kong and working on my album Eastern Medicine Western Illness. When he introduced me to Hatis Noit, I was impacted by her powerful audio and visual art form. I didn’t want to manipulate her stunning vocal, so I sought to bridge sonic time periods through my re-envisioning. I invited Armand Hammer to collaborate and they brought it full circle.” — Preservation

“I welcomed the opportunity to work with Preservation again, so when he hit me up I was excited to hear what he was cooking up with her. I know that he is always doing the unexpected but even so, I was blown away when I heard the work-in-progress. The energy and vibrations are off the charts, so I just tried to meet them there.” — billy woods

“Getting the opportunity to collaborate this way, I was given a little instruction, a little history. And from there I just kind of vibed out to the track. I have my own sorts of views on those sorts of ideas or visions, just thinking about customs and rituals, sacrifices — intentional and otherwise. So yeah, it was a pleasure. So happy I had the opportunity to make this happen.” — E L U C I D

“The original song is all about me shouting out and remembering that I’m still alive, sitting in a small room in lockdown London whilst superimposing that explosive energy onto the rawness of the Jomon culture of Japan. It’s such a miracle to me that, thanks to Preservation and his powerful rework, Armand Hammer could connect this energy back to their own bold and beautiful culture and history on the other side of the globe. I could not stop the tears...” — Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit's Aura tour continues in 2024, with her first US tour coming up next month. Her and Armand Hammer will both appear at this year's Big Ears Festival in Knoxville (March 21-24) and Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City (April 4-6).

24.02. Kortrijk (BE) — Night Air Festival
03.03. Stockholm (SE) — Lumen Project
18.03. Brooklyn (NY) — Pioneer Works at the First Unitarian*
19.03. Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC
23.03. Knoxville (TN) — Big Ears Festival
27.03. Portland (OR) — The Old Church
28.03. San Francisco (CA) — The Lab*
30.03. Los Angeles (CA) — 2220 Arts + Archives
03.04. Seattle (WA) — Fremont Abbey
05.04. Iowa City (IA) — Mission Creek Festival
07.04. Minneapolis (MN) — The Cedar Cultural Center
11.04. Barcelona (ES) — MUTEK Barcelona 2024

24.05. Ljubljana (SL) — Druga Godba Festival
29.06. Caldas da Rainha (PT) — Impulso

* with support from Sheherazaad

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