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Lubomyr Melnyk shares 10th Anniversary Special Edition of Corollaries, featuring three bonus tracks

14.4  2023


We are enthralled to share the 10th Anniversary Special Edition of Lubomyr Melnyk’s first album for Erased Tapes, Corollaries. Recorded 2012 in Berlin with Peter Broderick at the producer’s helm, and released in April 2013, it brought Melnyk’s lifelong dedication to the piano to new audiences. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by a group of friends — Nils Frahm, Martyn Heyne, Vox-Ton studio owner Franscesco Donadello and Peter himself. Corollaries has since found its rightful place among our most beloved releases.

The Special Edition sees the first-ever digital release of vinyl bonus track Autumn Window, an early alternative version of album opener Pockets of Light — recorded live in front of a small audience at Nils’ former bedroom studio in Berlin, and lastly, an album outtake from an improvised session entitled White Sea.

Excited about these additional songs finding ears, Lubomyr Melnyk says:

"Hard to believe, it’s only 10 Light-Years away since I was recording the pieces for this album. And it is wonderful that people can revisit the music which may have been forgotten over this long journey of 10 years... and I love that special live performance of Pockets of Light, which now everyone can hear for the first time!" — Lubomyr Melnyk, April 2023

Looking back at the release 10 years on, Peter remembers:

I met Lubomyr Melnyk at a festival over ten years ago as he puffed on his pipe backstage. Unfortunately I was rushing off to somewhere else so I wasn’t able to see his concert that day, but I was so intrigued by his character that I bought a few CDs from him before I left. Thanks to Lubomyr’s music, that long post-festival drive was utterly transcendental. I knew instantly I’d love to get inside his continuous music and be part of it. So I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation to come to Berlin and record together. He stayed about a week and we visited a host of different studios around the city, culminating with a private concert at the home studio of Nils Frahm. There were so many magical moments, and so many hilarious and puzzling moments as well... anyone who has spent time with Lubomyr can vouch for his enigmatic nature. The first thing the two of us ever played together is something I now recognize as an absolute musical treasure... it’s the very version of Pockets of Light which opens up Corollaries. If you listen closely you can hear me say at the beginning, “We’ll just see what happens…”

The second time we ever played Pockets of Light was at Nils’ place in front of a handful of friends. Luckily the show was recorded, and now, 10 years later, we get to share this alternate take along with a couple of other bonus pieces from these sessions. ‘White Sea’ is a moment of cathartic, improvised reverie, captured at the end of a couple of long days recording at Vox-Ton studio, where Lubomyr fell head-over-heels in love with the Steinway D grand piano. ‘Autumn Window’ must be one of the most sparse pieces of music in Lubomyr’s entire catalogue. It’s almost surprising to hear him play so few notes! And when I listen back now to my violin playing on this piece, I hear things happening which I never really do on the instrument. I guess that means we were truly lost in the music.” — Peter Broderick, April 2023

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