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Shards share a striking video for their single 'Unrest'

8.10  2019


Following the release of their acclaimed debut album Find Sound, London based vocal group Shards share the striking video for their current single Unrest.

"Shards evoke a sense of terror and relief simultaneously as the video follows a digital exploration of a city and its people"Flaunt Magazine

Made up of 3-D scans of Central London, Director Josha Eiffel pieces together alien moments of interaction and exploring the tenderness and aggression of them.

"I love that old argument about the difference between what is artificial and natural. To me, the shape of the city is as natural as the shape of a tree... The trains were particularly poignant for what I wanted to obtain. To get a good scan of a person, you want them to remain still. I stepped onto a train and suddenly I was seeing how I envisioned the music video live; dozens of frozen cells, brought together within a moving container, all adamant to remain separate from one another's goals. To me this is the city in a nutshell; a duality of togetherness and loneliness. It matched the sublime and tragic qualities of Unrest perfectly."  — Josha Eiffel

Released on 30 August and championed by Mary Anne Hobbs, Lauren Laverne and many more, Find Sound is an astonishing exploration of the human voice; using the concepts of sound and light as simple metaphors for gaining understanding. The album’s pieces are intended to be miniature sonic paintings, with each adding to an overall picture of the emotional confusion of early adulthood: the uncertainty, the excitement, the terror and relief.

After an awe-inspiring debut live show at London's Round Chapel with Lubomyr Melnyk and David Allred last week, Shards will play a headline show at Chats Palace on November 13 before touring the UK next February.

Shards is Kieran Brunt, Lucy Cronin, Sarah Latto, Bethany Horak-Hallett, Kate Huggett, Chris Huggon, Jack Lawrence-Jones, Rose Martin, Augustus Perkins Ray, Oli Martin-Smith, Josephine Stephenson and Héloïse Werner.

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