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Float 2013 for Cassette Store Day

4.8  2013


We're extremely excited to announce our very first cassette tape release in celebration of Cassette Store Day 2013!

A super limited edition of 100 purple cassettes in bespoke packaging carry Peter Broderick's 2008 debut album remastered by the gifted hands of Nils Frahm:

'What Nils did to the sound, how he worked his magic as he always does, filled me with the conviction that this project had not previously reached its potential. In so many ways I've found myself coming around the circle, back to the place I started, only perhaps the circle itself has moved. But the dream is the same. And my little baby has a new pair of shoes: Float 2013.'

This classic album will be reissued in multiple formats later on this year - more details to be revealed soon. For the time being it will be exclusively available on cassette tape from September 7th including a download code with 2 exclusive bonus tracks that gets activated on the official reissue release date in the fall.

You can check the list of participating record stores from around the world here and follow CSD on FB and Twitter.

Peter and Nils will also be performing one of their rare Oliveray live sets at this year's Decibel Festival for which you're dearly invited.