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Michael Price announces debut album 'Entanglement'

Michael Price announces debut album 'Entanglement' picture

“No click tracks, no headphones, and no film. Just the spontaneity of performance and the sound of musicians hearing, connecting and responding.”

‘Entanglement’, the debut album by Michael Price fulfils his long-term desire to explore new musical territories, featuring Michael on the piano, with the addition of cello, soprano voice, string orchestra, modular synth, tape effects and electronics.

Throughout the record you will hear street sounds from 'Budapest' captured and processed on Michael’s mobile phone, as well as chamber music recorded direct to tape with vintage microphones in single takes. Album track ‘The Attachment’ was partly recorded onto a 1940s magnetic disc recorder, which immediately connected the piece back to a pre-digital musical age.

The cello and soprano vocal parts throughout the album were written specifically and directly for cellist Peter Gregson and vocalist Ashley Knight, whose expressive voice features on tracks ‘Maitri‘ and ‘The Uncertainly Principle‘. The lyrics for both songs are Japanese poetry sung in English, dealing with age, loss and the inevitable fading of beauty.

‘Entanglement’ was written over a period of two years on paper and by hand with Michael exploring oldest and newest technology at Abbey Road Studios and Snap Studios in London, before most of the recording and mixing took place at Vox-Ton in Berlin.

“I wanted to make an album that sounded like a dark, Berlin record store discovery from the 30s. Something that had timeless emotive power, and pre-digital rawness. Something that I hope would make a deeper connection in superficially networked times. I think there is a duty for artists to be honest, and vulnerable. Because then there is a possibility of real connection. Entanglement is both honest and vulnerable and to go through the two year process of writing, refining and recording an album has been more intense and more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined.” – Michael Price

'Entanglement' will be released via Erased Tapes on April 13, 2015. 

· listen to 'The Attachment' · pre-order LP/CD/DL or DL via iTunes

Happy New Year with Erased Tapes Collection VI

Happy New Year with Erased Tapes Collection VI picture
We'd like to thank you all for a wonderful year 2014 with a very special gift in form of a free download compilation, entitled 'Erased Tapes Collection VI'.

Compiled by label founder Robert Raths, it features some of the highlights from current releases by Lubomyr Melnyk, Peter Broderick, Rival Consoles, Douglas Dare, Nils Frahm, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Kiasmos and Michael Price, as well as an exclusive, previously unreleased song by Greg Gives Peter Space with the title 'That I Am' and the Clark remix of Nils's Juno ode to  'Peter'.

This year's interpretation of the Erased Tapes mountain was created by our wonderful friend Gregory Euclide.

Simply log in to our website here and you'll find 11 songs ready for you to download under 'My Downloads'. Enjoy!

· download · order T-shirt · order Ltd. Edition 12"x12" Print

Nils Frahm Has Lost His Mind picture

Shortly after revealing a new profile image with this mysterious caption online, Nils announces new tour dates for 2015...

Cities in Europe include Copenhagen, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Gent, Den Haag, Dublin and a UK tour through London, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester.

Resident Advisor #15 in 'Top 20 Live Acts of 2014'
Data Transmissions  #1 in 'Top 30 Live Acts 2014'

· check tour dates — more to be announced soon

Lubomyr Melnyk returns with 'Evertina' EP

We first introduced Lubomyr Melnyk and his unique continuous music technique to a wider audience with 'Corollaries', an album produced by Peter Broderick in 2013. Now he returns with a 24-minute mini album entitled 'Evertina'. Featuring three newly composed solo piano pieces, the long-form EP showcases another side to Lubomyr Melnyk – his more gentle and melodic work.

In 2012 Lubomyr's ears began to notice the remarkable tonal depth of upright pianos. To Lubomyr the upright piano sound is like a natural forest of microcosmic colours. 'Evertina' and 'Awaiting' were created on a middle-aged upright piano at a friend's home in New York in October 2012 – just before Hurricane Sandy hit the city. Some children were listening to Lubomyr as he played in a hotel lobby in Cologne and 'Butterfly' is the piece that he made for them. It was recorded on a battered grand piano somewhere in Switzerland in late 2013, with the lid closed down to soften the effect. 'Evertina' will be available on 10" vinyl, CD and download from December 15th.

"These three pieces fit so nicely together in spirit, they present a tableau, a tiny triptych that can reach the world without waiting for a major work, they stand beautifully on their own, and do not need an album to surround them with comfort and padding. No, they are what they are, and a short musical interlude as this record gives, is just perfect for their nature." – Lubomyr Melnyk

· Listen to the title track

· Watch the official tour video trailer featuring Lubomyr performing a live version of 'Butterfly' in Copenhagen

· Pre-order 'Evertina' on 10"/CD/DL

Kiasmos album out now

Kiasmos album out now picture
By focusing solely on their self-titled debut album, Ólafur and Janus have been able to combine and further develop their unique sound aesthetics over the past five years to complete an album driven by their mutual love for electronic music.

· Read a track by track guide via Drowned In Sound

"Ólafur Arnalds' project with Bloodgroup's Janus Rasmussen will take your breath away."

The duo will perform live in London for their album release show on November 29th at the Village Underground with support from label mate Rival Consoles and special guest Dauwd.

· Watch the official audiovisual for 'Burnt' created by Máni M. Sigfússon, which will accompany their live performance.

· Hear album tracks 'Bent' here' and 'Burnt' here

'Kiasmos' is out now on Ltd. Edition Clear and Black Double Vinyl, CD and Download via Erased Tapes and can be ordered here.


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