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Erased Tapes 十五 15th anniversary compilation announced

6.10  2022


A new compilation titled Erased Tapes 十五, encompassing a two hour cross-section of the label's 15-year history including hidden gems and previously unreleased material, will be available on November 4 to coincide with specially curated festivals in London and Berlin.

The first offering comes from UK producer Kevin Richard Martin aka The Bug and Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit who share their paranormal first collaborative cut After the Storm amongst other unique pairings such as The Art Ensemble of Chicago featuring Moor Mother, Bell Orchestre interpreted by Colin Stetson, Douglas Dare joined by The London Contemporary Orchestra and Ben Lukas Boysen remixed by Kiasmos.

Premiered exclusively via The Wire magazine in form of a free download ahead of their debut live performance at Le Guess Who? Festival 2019 in Utrecht, the track is now finally made available on vinyl and streaming platforms alongside other previously unreleased pieces from electronic producer Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles and Icelandic composer Högni.

The two first joined forces during a Late Junction live collaboration session last year, resulting in four extraordinary pieces — including the arresting Saisho no Arashi — broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in December 2018.

Martin recalls: “Hatis Noit's impressionistic approach, tonal brilliance and kaleidoscopic spectrum, evoked voices I had loved in the past. Whether it echoed the mood of Les Mystere des Voix Bulgares or the beauty of Liz Fraser, it even navigated the eerie spaciousness of Japanese Gagaku traditions that I enjoy so much, so I just knew I was happy to collaborate with her, as she had outgrown her influences and blossomed into an extraordinary talent. 'After the Storm', was a track we first sketched at the initial radio session but was later fully formed in my Berlin studio. In these times of climatic turbulence and socio-political upheaval, its deep seismic sonic flow and haunting melodies are a hymn to the stranded, offering comfort to those in need of solace.”

The meeting of Hatis Noit’s bewitching vocal explorations and Kevin Richard Martin’s sacramental synthesis of sound for a world exclusive live performance is sure to lift their respective virtues to perplexing new levels.

“As a solo vocalist and voice artist, I’d always dreamed of floating and being drowned in a beautiful sonic storm. And then I met Kevin Martin,” Hatis Noit adds.

Summer 2022 saw the two reunite live for Grace Jones' Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre in London, and they are currently working on completing their first full-length release.

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