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Hatis Noit releases her much anticipated debut album Aura

24.6  2022


Today sees Japanese voice artist Hatis Noit release her much anticipated Erased Tapes debut album Aura.

The album title Aura was inspired by the German philosopher Walter Benjamin who used this term to describe the fundamental essence of art, which he believed is strongest in its original form, only happening once. Hatis agrees with this particular aspect as she realised, “during the pandemic, I really struggled. As a singer, I’m not very good at working on the computer. I much prefer doing live performances in physical spaces. Being with people, sharing the same space with them and feeling the atmosphere and energy of that moment, inspires me every time. To me, art is that — that shared moment.

Years of perfecting her craft via live performances led her to the creation of this debut album which follows on from the introductory 2018 EP, Illogical Dance. An autodidact with an impressive range, Noit is inspired by Gagaku — Japanese classical music — folk music, operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, as well as avant-garde and pop vocalists to create her inimitable style. Hatis creates wordless music, unique song worlds with transcendent vocal interpretations of epic proportions — most evident on Jomon where she channels the fierce, dynamic energy and power of prehistoric culture during Japan’s Jomon period.

"Jomon culture, including its dynamic style of art — surprisingly it was nothing like the minimal Zen style — was one of the biggest inspirations of my favourite Japanese artist Taro Okamoto. He believed that people in this period before proper agriculture started were still connected to natural spirits, and that their fierce energy through hunting and gathering made their art so special and esoteric. In this piece, I tried to describe the dynamic natural energy and power, and the people’s celebration and prayer for it,” Hatis Noit explains.

The album was recorded in Berlin where Noit laid down her vocals in just eight hours, before the pandemic forced her and producer Robert Raths to stay local and mix it in East London, which led to working with a new collaborator: engineer Marta Salogni. Between lockdowns it was decided to take the recordings and reamplify them in a local church to bring them closer to that moment of live performance. “It was almost like a miracle when Robert came up with the idea. That was the moment that changed everything for the album as the physical space with its organic ambience brought everything to life,” she recalls.

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"This deserves a closer listen" Album of the DayBandcamp

"Aura is a bold, impressive debut which signals — loud, clear and creatively — that when Hatis Noit opens her throat to sing, we should be listening"NPR

"It feels like the day the world changed... 'Aura' is one of the most singular albums I’ve heard for a long time" 9/10CLASH 

"A breathtaking work which showcases the dexterity of Noit’s voice, and of the human voice in general8/10Loud And Quiet

"Hatis Noit’s voice pierces through like some ancient and primal call — encouraging a session of deep listening with which your senses can descend"Art Review

"This is a stunning vocal experiment, one that constructs immaculate, dreamt and abundant worlds” ★★★★ — The Skinny

"Aura is the exemplar of the human voice as instrument… a fascinating listen” — A Closer Listen

“One of the most extraordinary live performers that I’ve ever seen in my life” Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music